New CLA45 S! Why it's better than the A45! + Shooting Brake

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Mini AMG GT 4 Door?! CLA 45 S is stunning, and here’s the full review. Thank you Dr Strange for the lift! ;) Just came back from unveiling my GT63S 4 door at MB World, and now it’s time to review its little brother here in Madrid! The CLA 45S now one of the most amazing looking AMGs, literally looking like an #AMG GT 4 door mini!

But that wasn’t always the case, previously the original CLA 45 was a bit of an odd proposition. It wasn’t particularly better looking than the A45, if anything it couldn’t touch that car, reduced rear room and head height sealed its gate for me. It always looked the poor mans C63.

Now the new car is a different proposition as far as design goes, it’s been designed as a small brother to the GT4 door rather than looking like an A45 with a boot. And it immediately ups the desirability of the #CLA45S, and it really needs to in order to justify its existence.

Compared to its predecessor it’s technically a completely new animal too. Previous car was a 4 pot turbo with 360BHP, front biased haldex style 4x4 system and a 7 speed, much like today’s CLA35. The new one is totally different. It’s got 4matic+ with drift mode like the GT 4 door, but executed in a different way!

The engine is also all new, it’s still 4 cylinder single twin scroll Turbo, but the engine has been completely remade for better cooling and to deliver more horsepower, torque and a higher rpm. It’s rotate 180 degrees compared to last engine to be both more aerodynamic and help with cooling, and much learning form the Gt 2 door and 4 door has come into the development of this engine.


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