New CLA is a CLS killer! PLUS the AMG 35 and 45S!

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The best 4 door coupe money can buy?! Hey guys and welcome back to RBR and today is about the New Mercedes CLA! And it’s a car that I think has not only moved on from it’s less than inspiring predecessor, but looking at the reaction its gotten since release, I think it’s going to overshadow the high end CLS. Of course Mercedes are the creators of the 4 door coupe niche, which started with the Vision CLS in 2003. The so called banana Mercedes was hailed as one of the most stylish cars ever made, and the original now sits pretty much as a design icon. It was more exciting than E class outside and in, and this continued with the next model. Though not as elegant, it was going for more aggressive. And that Ponton rear wheel arch suited it much more than the E Class in my opinion. Wasn’t a huge fan of the lipstick rear lights but lovely car none the less. Around this time the compact sector underwent a rebirth with the THEN new A Class, and along side that came their second 4 door coupe model, the CLA. And sales were way beyond expectations, with 70% of CLA buyers being from other brands, and it was a pivotal point in Mercedes starting to “kill it” as the kids would say. BUT to me this car always looked under designed from day dot and back then the CLS reigned as the prettiest MB 4 door coupe. Fast forward to the present: and the story is a different one. The new CLS has a controversial design, with the front being a copy paste of the new A Class. Enter, this new CLA. Previewed in the concept A Aesthetics, which really reminds me in spirit of the original Vision CLS. This car has a completely unique body, it is NOT an A Sedan with sloped roof, the entire body is unique to CLA. We will explore just how different it is to it’s predecessor too. But will it be different enough to A Class, and to the A Sedan? And how could I be right about it being the best 4 door coupe you can have right now? And how has the “hey Mercedes” MBUX system moved forward? In this review we explore: - History of the Mercedes 4 door coupe - Vision CLS Concept - CLS w219 - CLS w218 - CLS c257 - CLA c117 - New CLA c118 - Exterior Design and changes - MBUX updates and interior assistance - Shooting brake - AMG CLA35 - AMG CLS45 S 4matic with drift mode - CLA45S Shooting Brake - Driving the CLA 250 - 225BHP and 350nm, 7 DCT dual clutch - AR Navigation in action - CLA 220 Sound - The AMG Factor - Vs CLS and conclusion Link to A45 prototype video: Up next on on RBR is a surprise video..!!


Titre de l'épisodeNew CLA is a CLS killer! PLUS the AMG 35 and 45S!
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