New 73 AMG V8! Plus AMG’s 1st EV Car! Everything you need to know!

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Welcome back to RBR guys, and to steal Clarksons classic catchphrase, today is all about POWAAAA! 800 BHP worth of power to be exact, from a new P3 hybrid system being introduced by #MercedesAMG starting in this new AMG GT73E, as it’s rumoured to be called. Lots of focus recently on how the C Class loses the V8, but we keep forgetting how it’s gaining new life in hybrid form, faster and potentially more exciting than before. Today we will take a deep dive into the hybrid system, see what it steals from F1 and the Project one, and learn about how AMG are doing It in a more clever way than everyone else. Then we’ll take a look at the camo car, and I’ll give you a sneak into other cars that I think will share this system! And finally, I’ll share news about the PURE EV AMG’s being planned!

There are 3 main areas to talk about in the new 73 AMGs, first the V8 Engine itself, the AMG Performance battery In the rear, the Electric Drive Unit on the rear and the software that brings it all together. Apart from the 4 cylinder hybrid element.

Let’s explore the P3 Hybrid set up that we are going to explore today, starting with the Engine. It’s the V8 4.0 engine from the GT63S and the AMG GTR. This has a belt-driven starter-alternator (BSG) to aid switching to and from EV mode, and still produces over 600BHP itself.

Electric Drive Unit or EDU is next. Which is the electric element. Unlike traditional systems that have the electric motor in-between the combustion engine and transmission #AMG have installed a super clever unit on the rear instead! That compact unit houses some real magic, inside it we have the E-Motor itself which is a permanently excited one just like you’d see in say a taycan, a 2 speed transmission for that motor where the 2nd gear is for speeds above 140km, and finally a limited slip differential. There’s even a full #EV mode possible in this GT73!

Next the AMG PERFORMANCE BATTERY, Mercedes AMG has developed a new performance battery developed with F1 High Performance Powertrains (HPP) Formula 1 engine forge in Brixworth, with new tech from Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach. It is a 400VOLT battery with 560 cells, and it’s again very clever particularly with cell specific cooling as you’ll see. Result is consistent temp and thus consistent power of 93BHP continuous power and 320NM torque, or 201 BHP at peak for 10 seconds!

Recuperation under braking is in too, you have four stages; Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 – selectable by the driver via the right-hand-side steering wheel button. In Level 3, the generator is capable of capturing up to 90kW of electrical energy!

So we have both the EDU, and the performance battery on the rear, which is great though, this whole system adds about 200KG weight compared to the GT63S, but in terms of performance? Up to 800BHP, 0-60 of under 3 and much more torque than 1000nm!!!


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