New 2021 BMW M3 Driven! Game over AMG and Audi!?

Ajouté le 10 mars 2021


The grille, it probably hurts those who don’t like it more, because this is the Flagship of #BMWM, an undeniable fact when you look at its history! But I’ve had quite the different run up to driving this car. I got to see it before the launch, and thus looked at it with fresh eyes and no outside opinions. And for me as a big AMG fan, the more aggressive look appealed to me. It reminded me of the old 328, the modern 328 hommage, or the epic CSL Hommage concept.

Back then that #W M3 was in Green, then I got to see a stealthy matte grey when I visited the M Town set to film the ad for the performance wheels, this made me more of a believer. The M3 touring I saw in secret finished it off!!

And finally today, the big drive. I’ve already driven both the M4 and this M3, and as a spoiler I can tell you, they’ve both smashed my expectations to pieces!

M have worked hard on the new M3, but it gets lost in the controversial grille, and the similar performance on paper: not to mention the X3m not helping with it’s lacklustre introduction using the same engine.

But looking inside as we will today, everything is from scratch. New engine, 8 speed ZF gearbox, suspension, exhaust system, rigidity measure... Tonnes has been done to make these cars as good as they are, l no stone left unturned, so where on paper performance seems similar it’s the drive that really shows us more! Today we’re going to do a deep dive and check out every detail and then burn some rubber M Town style in the new M3 comp!


Titre de l'épisodeNew 2021 BMW M3 Driven! Game over AMG and Audi!?
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Date added10 mars 2021
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