New 1 Series M135i XDrive! Does Front Wheel Drive spell doom?!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


GONE is rear wheel drive! The new 1er is FWD/AWD only! Welcome back to RBR and today we explore the F40 new gen 1 Series available only in 5 door and on BMW’s FAAR front wheel drive architecture!! I just came from from a secret compound inside BMW HQ Munich, where this the new 1 series was all too slowly being unwrapped for reveal this week, so I figured we’d steal the flagship M135i Xdrive to give you guys a proper first look!! And in BMW’s own words, it’s a dawn of a new Era. Don’t mistake this new 1 Series as an evolution of a past model, BMW says this is instead a revolution! And the look should give that away immediately: but what’s so different and why I hear you ask?! Well THE talking point for everyone is how the car is no longer RWD. So we have the 118i with pure front wheel drive, or the new M135i with XDrive all wheel drive But before BMW have even had a chance to tout the benefits of this, Purists are in uproar because of the axing of the RWD, but is it really that big of a deal? The purists will tell you its all bad, but the truth is there’s positives and negatives of both camps. Which we explore today! We will also compare the car directly to the 1st generation car M135i and the 2nd gen f20 M140i inside and out!


Titre de l'épisodeNew 1 Series M135i XDrive! Does Front Wheel Drive spell doom?!
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Date added21 décembre 2020
Original date27 mai 2019

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