Mr AMG on the New C43! Power, Tech, Style and More AMG!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


The Facelift C43 coupé has had a BIG upgrade! And we’ve finally gotten around to test it! This follows on from our C63S facelift review a few weeks ago, now let’s see how the entry level sibling has improved.

So following our original review, the walk around at the IAA Frankfurt, it’s now time to revisit the changes made to the now popular entry level AMG. We’ll go over design changes, and the performance improvements too, but first let’s remind ourselves what the C43 series is: It’s not a C63S lite, and it’s not trying to be. This is a 4matic all wheel drive, and that means you need to start thinking of it more closer to the current A45 experience.

Of course now we also have the similarly positioned 53 series with the E, Four door GT and CLS, following this formula of a robot made 6 pot turbo engine attached to 4matic. All Accessible Entry level AMGs!

What has the Facelift brought? Which bod style is the best, coupe, cabriolet, wagon / estate or saloon / sedan? How does it compare to a C63, and more importantly to the pre-facelift?


Titre de l'épisodeMr AMG on the New C43! Power, Tech, Style and More AMG!!
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Date added21 décembre 2020
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