Mr AMG on the GT63S! AMG’s In-House Hyper Saloon!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Mr AMG on the GT63 S! AMG’s In-House Hyper Saloon! The AMG GT now has 4 Doors, and 5 seats!! Welcome back to RBR for what is likely the most anticipated Review of the channel Ever: AMG’s Super Saloon, the GT 4 door! Our first ever video was on the GT 4 Door concept black in Geneva, and now we return full circle for a First Look video at the GT 4 door and it’s origins. We start with “the Hammer” and explain how there’s a big difference between Mercedes Benz models turned into AMGs, vs AMGs built in house with no direct MB base model. Tracing back to the now legendary SLS AMG coupe. Then the next in house car: the first AMG GT S. Rumoured as a “baby SLS” first spy shots showed a car on a shorter SLS platform, the press even thought it could have been a 2+2. Both regarded as AMG’s best drivers cars ever, culminating in the AMG GT R aka “the Beast of the Green Hell” Thus over the years having seen, heard and experienced these cars, many of us wandered what could AMG do if they could produce their own in house 4 seater sports car? AMG listened and surely enough this AMG GT 63 S was born. A 640 BHP, 900 NM of torque, HYPER saloon from Affalterbach!!


Titre de l'épisodeMr AMG on the GT63S! AMG’s In-House Hyper Saloon!
Episode numéro1
Date added21 décembre 2020
Original date5 février 2019

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