Mr AMG on the GLC63 S Coupé! As Good as a C63?!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Welcome back to remove before race, and we’ve finally gotten around to test one of the fastest SUVs in the world, AMG’s New GLC63S Coupé!! This particular car is my own, and I’ve covered 7k miles already, so loads to feed back to you!

But first, let’s frame what it is: most people who will look at this will assume the goal was to make a smaller GLE63, the looks will fool you into thinking this too. Hell, your brain will trick you into thinking it’s the same size, a very large SUV: but this is not a small GLE63. Instead you must think of this as the closest thing we have, to a 4 wheel drive C63!!

The GLC is after all an SUV of the C Class, and as such is based on a modified version of the C’s Platform. Has an almost identical interior, It uses this same epic 4.0 V8 musical instrument from the C63S giving 503BHP, 700Nm. But has the car come at the wrong time, just on the heels of the Facelift C63S? And thus how much next gen AMG really is this car?


Titre de l'épisodeMr AMG on the GLC63 S Coupé! As Good as a C63?!
Episode numéro1
Date added21 décembre 2020
Original date1 septembre 2018

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