Mr AMG on the CLA 45S Shooting Brake! AMG's best 45!? Full Review

Ajouté le 1 mars 2021


So friends, I’ve been a little despondent of late with newer AMGs and AMG’s future in general. All that rings in my head is the lack of sound, axing of cool models and engines like the smaller 4 cylinders for the C Class AMGs and a general push towards SUVs and stuff that sells better for mass market!

Then this turns up! The CLA45S shooting brake, a car that encapsulates the bits of #AMG I love the most. It’s is a niche product, a car that will never sell in huge numbers, but its the type of car us petrol heads love. First off, it’s a gorgeous shooting brake, which is essentially a sexier wagon form factor usually reserved for much more exotic cars. Being a wagon it’s also super practical and it’s flipping fast, how fast? Wait to see the launch later.

It’s also no fake AMG, it’s got the worlds most powerful 4 cylinder engine, hand built at #MercedesAMG by one man, and the rest of the car is engineered to be a genuine top of the line AMG car.

Now you’d be undoubtedly correct when you say there are many variants of the compact AMG series, from all those 35 cars, to the full stable of 45S AMGs, and we’ve reviewed every single one. But this CLA 45S Shooting brake may be the best of all of them.

Like the A45S, it has 421 BHP that feels more like 550. 500 NM peak torque comes at 5000/5250rpm - mimicking the torque curve of a natural engine. And let’s not forget 4 Matic+ variable all wheel drive: This has two electronically controlled multidisc clutches that allow the car to have a fully RWD drift mode!

As on the Coupé, AMG have extensively reinforced the body shell, and we will explore all the technical changes in the video, as well as the interior practicality.

But will the larger body and different shape neuter the amazing feeling the A45 and #CLA45 gave us?


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