Mr AMG on the A35! - The A45 CLONE!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


One of my favourite small pleasures in life, is living with a standard version of a car for an extended time, then being handed the performance variant, and just relishing each and every new sensory experience. It’s like the car has reached a new form of power, a Super Transformation! And that new level of power, is exactly the awesome feeling you get with this new AMG A35 hot hatch.

The previous entry level to the AMG family was the AMG C43. Though developed in house by AMG, is very much it’s own formula from the elder C63. With a V6 bi turbo attached to a standard 4 Matic, it’s not really a direct formula copied from any modern flagship AMG.

BUT: this A35 changes that game completely. See rather than a new formula, the A35 takes the winning DNA of a previous flagship AMG and unapologetically makes it it’s own. And that epic flagship, was the AMG A45.

Could this A35 thus have the most TRUE AMG DNA compared to all the other entry level AMGs??


Titre de l'épisodeMr AMG on the A35! - The A45 CLONE!
Episode numéro1
Date added21 décembre 2020
Original date4 décembre 2018

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