Mr AMG on GT R PRO! + Black Series News w/ Shmee150!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


FINALLY the Full Review of AMG’s Flagship GT R PRO!! Thank you to The Last Coat for sponsoring this episode! Get yours now via the link below and use CODE RBRTLC20 for 20% off! The AMG GT R, but for professionals! What an incredible journey we have had on RBR with the Pro leading up to this video! From the original Hockenheim test, to the very special factory build of THIS VERY CAR and then collection: Factory build Collection video Taking all the know how from AMG GT3. And then the AMG GT4, AMG incorporated it into the GT R: making the GT R Pro. It’s a 750 unit limited numbers car with enhancements from motorsport in 3 areas: Suspension, Aerodynamics and lightweight construction, all allowing a blistering Nurburgring time of 7.04. And it’s just one of the best looking cars on the road. But today we also take our first brief look at the upcoming “AMG GT Black Series” with special guest Tim aka @Shmee150!! See his video with me on his channel: Then the full review but the question is, is it different enough to the standard GT R and do you see more benefits in the facelift too? And what of the future? In this review we explore: - Upgrades of the AMG GT family - AMG GT S - AMG GT 3 - AMG GT R - AMG GT 4 - GT R PRO - Turning a GT R into a PRO - Suspension and dynamics - Aerodynamics - Light weight materials - Exterior Design changes - AMG GT Interior Facelift - The AMG GTR Black Series? - Interview with Shmee150 - GT R Pro Full driving review - GT R Pro Sound review - Daily driving the GTR PRO - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is the Cayman GTS!! Subscribe to support us and see it first. :) Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!! In my highlights Follow us: Raz “Roken” - Jamie - RBR - Credits: Thanks Wilcoblok for spy shots! Thanks to Nikofrielitz for spy shots! Sound effects obtained from Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17 effects Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been sped up or filmed on closed roads.


Titre de l'épisodeMr AMG on GT R PRO! + Black Series News w/ Shmee150!
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