Mercedes EQE: Let’s be honest about this.

Ajouté le 9 sept. 2021


The make or break car is #MercedesBenz’s bid to conquer the #Electriccar world?! Based on the same EVA2 platform as the EQS, the #EQE is the mid level super luxury business sedan that borrows more than you’d believe from the EQS: like the self opening comfort doors, soft closing doors, the exact same hyperscreen interior, rear wheel steering, and much more!

The first model is this EQE 350, which is a rear wheel drive only model. It has a 90kWh battery with a staggering 660KM range. EQE charges 250KM in just 15 mins, all this despite having a smaller battery.

Great aerodynamics contributes to this too thanks to the one bow design and front cab shape, close to the world record holding EQS, with a 0.22CD value.

The EQE 350 provides 288BHP, a 0-60 of 5.6 seconds and Torque of 550NM. There will be a 4matic version to come, which will bring in another electric motor to the front with more power: over 500 BHP, and a quicker 0-60 of around 4 seconds!

Will there come an EQE AMG? I’d bet on it, check out video on the EQS 53 AMG to see what that might be like: I’ve rendered the EQE 53 for you in the video anyway!

I’ll of course compare the car to EQS directly, EQE is 90mm shorter. But about the same size as the E Class/CLS! And we will look at both the Electric Art and out AMG line exterior.

Interior is amazing, 90mm more legroom than E Class which is huge, and a benefit of the cab forward Design. The car has OTA updates - like sound experience which I’ll show you the 3 sounds for the EQE. It also gets digital light like EQS, and even driving modes for young drivers. The Hyperscreen is the same size as EQS, and is optional vs two sizes of Vertical screen like S-Class.


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