Mercedes Benz EQC EV! Electrifying the Star!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Electric HAS a MERCEDES!! Hey guys and welcome back to RBR! We’re in Oslo in Norway to test out the first car of Mercede’s all electric range, the EQC 400 4matic! MB might prefer if you to forget about their first full electric car, the B Class electric drive; drove this thing once... 80% capacity had less range than my AMG GT R on reserve fuel in race mode. Oh dear!! They also are committed to testing hydrogen fuel cars, with the GLC F-Cell testing the less alienating technology. But their real interest, as with the rest of the market, is in EVs. And so came the “EQ” brand of Mercedes Benz!! Think of it as a play on the word “IQ”, EQ means electric intelligence, and it really is! Yet we have spoken about EQ before haven’t we? Thats because EQ has sub brands: EQ Boost - Supported combustion engines, like the 53 AMGs EQ Power - Hybrid Power! AMG Project ONE and rumoured AMG GT 73 EQ - fully electric, like this EQC And Mercedes are investing heavily into it, 10billion euros worth of investment into the model line, and a billion in battery production. And the first is an SUV, because that’s what everyone apparently wants! So while it looks like a regular SUV to you or me, MB insist it’s in between an SUV and and SUV coupe, so a crossover. We’ll explore this claim now as we go over design. Underneath, there’s no engine, but rather batteries, these feed Compact electric drive trains, one at each axle - and it behaves like All wheel drive, hence the name 4matic, and it gives you 408BHP, 765nm and a 0-60 of 5.1 secs. But the question is can the EQC stand out as a Mercedes Benz, vs the similar E Tron, Jag i-pace and the crazy Tesla Model X? Or is it more of the same, but a different badge?


Titre de l'épisodeMercedes Benz EQC EV! Electrifying the Star!!
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