M2 CS Review + Akrapovic Exhaust & The Next M2!!

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5000 miles down and I can’t stop driving it. A true spiritual successor to the E30 in size, capability and notoriety. The M2 Comp by itself is amazing, but the CS brings in small changes in meaningful places to massive final effect, as any good run out edition should

The S55 engine is the twin mono scroll turbo in line 6 engine, same unit as we found in the previous M4. In the comp it made 410BHP, but in the CS it’s had a massive boost to 450BHP, 550nm. That essentially a 10% hike, the most any CS model has ever gotten. M4CS got only 10BHP, and the M5 the same, equalling a nominal 2-1% respectively.

Theres manual and DCT options, this being the last DCT we will see too sadly, torque convertors still not quite as snappy yet. Places the 0-60 at 4.2 for manual and 4.0 for our DCT car here.

So the power bump is BIG, and it’s that paired then with more typical CS changes that begins to elucidate why this CS is so so much better overall. New bonnet in CFRP - halves the weight, increases downforce on front end, and aids engine cooling. Same style design as the M4 CS, similar application to M5. Forged wheels are 9kg front and 10 rear and come standard with Michelin Cup 2s: i have replaced them with PS4S for better performance in the wet. M Sport Brakes are larger too, 400mm front and 380mm rear: 4 piston front & 6 piston rear callipers finished in red. CCBs also available for the first time which are lighter: something I’m thinking of getting installed by the Welt in Germany!

New carbon roof with a “sandwiched” design, makes the car more rigid. No trim strips on it, means better acoustics, and no roof bows or insulation either. These two paired up reduce the centre of gravity. Front splitter, rear spoiler and rear diffuser work in tandem to increase downforce and channel air underneath the body.

The biggest differentiator for me however, is the inclusion of the M Adaptive suspension. It’s the only M2 to have it, and comes straight from the M4. This gives us comfort, sport and sport+ modes all with altered damper settings. Now, where we have saved weight in places this and other changes negate that to make the car the same weight as the comp.

BUT don’t write it off because of that, these additions alter the character crucially in my experience, particularly in suspension where it’s now a more compliant daily, but more rigid when you need it to be!

Today I also show you the upcoming G87 M2, spy shots show a more traditional car, and part leaks from China show a normal M grille and squared off rally car looks… I’ll discuss the engine and much more!


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