IT'S HERE!! Collecting My 2019 AMG GT-R PRO!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Today is the full spec and Collection experience! The performance versions of the AMG GT family started off with the most extreme car, the track only customer racing #AMG GT3. AMG then took what they learnt and applied it to the AMG GT, making the AMG GT R “the beast of the green hell”. With lightweight construction, 585 BHP, an impressive Nürburgring lap time, and the traction button from that GT3 car. Then AMG made the AMG GT4, also a track only customer racing car, this time ironically based on the GTR.

And now taking what they have learnt in both their GT 3 and GT 4 cars, and incorporated it into the GT R: the GT R Pro, a 750 unit limited numbers car! The Pro has the same 585BHP but it’s enhancements come from motorsport in 4 different areas: Suspension, Aerodynamics, lightweight construction, AND the unique front and rear Looks! Carbon package 1 and 2 are standard, as well as the racing stripes from the GT 4 car. All this allows a Ring time of 7:04 which is a mega improvement! Included is also the dreaded particle filter, so let’s see what it sounds like! Being a facelift AMG GT-R it also benefits from the new steering wheel, new digital cockpit and the digital centre console from the AMG GT64 S 4 Door!

Today I’ll give you a tour of what it’s like to collect a car at Mercedes Brooklands in Weybridge, and a full run down of my car’s spec. Then comes the full review with the AMG GT R Pro vs the Porsche GT3 RS!


Titre de l'épisodeIT'S HERE!! Collecting My 2019 AMG GT-R PRO!
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