I Bought 2 Old AMGs! Why they‘re BETTER and LOUDER!

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UNVEILING MY TWO NEW (OLD) LOUD #MercedesAMG cars!! Welcome back to Remove Before Race guys!! And today is a personal video but one sharing a feeling and fear we all fear: the future of performance cars! I’ve bought two Old AMGs for my permanent collection, as newer cars are becoming quieter thanks to EU regs imposing emission controls and noise regulations: the dreaded OPF in the New C63S and most new cars as an example! First car of my permanent collection is the C63 black - the C63 has always been to me the quintessential AMG, taking a standard Mercedes and shoehorning a huge 6.2 litre engine! That engine is the highlight, still used in today’s GT3 racing car so a worthy first entry. Now To join the collection: the #AMG C63 S Coupé Motorsport Edition 1!! I love the C63S of the 205 gen, and I had always figured another like this would be made which i’d wait for... BUT sadly the C63R or whatever it was to be called has been cancelled! 🤐 And then the news of the next C63 being 4 cylinder... pushed me over. Video on that topic coming soon! I tried the new facelift car, which has better suspension, AMG dynamics, digital interior and updated looks: BUT it’s quieter like all new cars are required to be! So I bought the Pre facelift Edition 1 inspired by the insane C63 DTM racing car. It’s a loud one with sound near on GT R levels! Unlike the 204 series, this is a much more dynamic car thanks to dynamic engine mounts as seen in the GT R, & the engine is the same family as the AMG GT R with the Hot V engine producing 510BHP! Before it came out we all worried the shift to turbo would mean bad sound, but this incredible and unhindered 4.0 V8 is louder than the black in most situations! Like the the black, it has a unique front and rear wide body vs the normal. Next is the original A45: every stable needs a great hot hatch: and while the A45S is a sports car in the compact segment, that’s not necessarily what makes a great hot hatch! The A45 was a disruptive product, one that worries AMG customers as it was new territory, but one that eventually became one of the most fun and loud cars they’ve ever made! Full review is coming soon, on both!! Today we explore: - New cars are quiet! Old GLC63S vs New GLC63S with OPF filter - Unveil of my Two New AMGs! - What makes a great AMG? - The C63 AMG Black Series 204 - Black Series Stock Sound - C63S Edition 1 Motorsport w205! - C63S Facelift OPF Exhaust is quiet - C63S wide body and tech - Shared tech with AMG GT R - M177 Engine in the C63S - Sound of the pre facelift C63S! - Restoration and mods - Gen 1 Original A45 AMG - Loud SOUND of the A45 AMG! - Mods - A45S wheels - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is the AMG GLB 35 coming this week!! Subscribe and hit the bell icon 🔔, show your support AND see it first. Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!! In my highlights! :) Thank you to everyone below for making these two cars happen!! : Kunzmann Auto House (A45S wheels and AMG parts) https://www.kunzmann.de/shop/en/ ROK Studio (Phone Case & Steering wheel) https://www.instagram.com/rok.studio Michelin UK for tyres!! 🔥 Proto Trim (Interior trim specialists) http://www.prototrim.com Dub Customs & F1 WAX (PPF and detailing) https://www.instagram.com/dub\_customs https://www.instagram.com/f1wax Sandown Mercedes Benz (A45 sourcing and servicing) https://www.sandown-group.co.uk/locations/1406/mercedes-benz-of-guildford/ Alexanders Prestige https://www.alexandersprestige.co.uk Follow us: Raz “Roken” - https://www.instagram.com/rokenr/ RBR - https://www.instagram.com/removebeforerace Credits: Sound effects obtained from www.zapsplat.com Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17


Titre de l'épisodeI Bought 2 Old AMGs! Why they‘re BETTER and LOUDER!
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