Golf R MK8 Full Review + The Origins of VW and the Golf!

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The Mark 8 of the Golf R is here! A big welcome to VW to the channel for the first time! You know I’m always a happy boy when a new manufacturer appears on the channel! And this one has some interesting history… even linked to Nazi Germany!

The Golf R is the benchmark for many in the hot hatch division as a bang for buck car, it’s so popular in the UK that the MK7 is one of the most stolen cars on the road! This new one is gunning for its rivals even in the hatch class above, with 316BHP and 420NM now from the EA888, though a slightly slower 0-60 of 4.7… is it really? Wait and see. ;)

DSG is still here which is great, and bigger brakes than the old car BUT the big change is a newly developed four-wheel drive system with selective wheel torque control on the rear axle, called 4MOTION with R-Performance Torque Vectoring. Translated: this is able to send 100% power to the outside wheel, and thus… drift mode in Golf R. You’ve heard this before from the A45s and the Focus. This should help neutralise understeer and promote a RWD feeling. VS the normal 8, it’s 20mm lower, and uses a more rigid and lighter aluminium front subframe. Theres also a vehicle dynamics manager, that optimises handling by nannying the electronic functions like that XDS, or DCC.

The R is only available in 5 doors and automatic now, Performance Pack Available with 19 inch rims seen here, a big wing too, and two extra driving modes of Special and Drift, that i’ll discuss in the video. £700 will get you adaptive suspension, and £3000 for an akrapovic exhaust system, are better spent than the perf pack in my opinion.

But today we will also explore the Origins of VW. Volks, or Peoples, was a word used often for state funded product in Nazi Germany. Hitler wanted an affordable car priced the same as a typical motor cycle for the Germany and thus unsurprisingly the Volkswagen or peoples car, name was given.

The actual concept of the first VW however came from the mind of someone we’ve had on the channel previously to do with car history: the first Ferdinand Porsche. And while he designed it, and Nazi’s originally planned it, the TRUE origin and credit for the current existence of VW must go to British Major Ivan Hirst. Watch the video to learn more! :)

After this I’ll dive into every generation of the Golf and what they brought to the table to create the “golf class”, all the way from MK1 to present day! And then driving the new R, a car that’s supposedly slower than the Mark 7… but is it?


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