FINALLY! Collecting My 2019 AMG GT63S 4 Door!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


The GT 4 Door concept was first ever RBR video, please don’t look for it, I sound horrific lol. But I knew even then that I had to have the production version, and I’m so pleased the GT63S has the same proportions as the concept. For myself and many other AMG addicts the creation of this car has been a long time coming. The first AMG to be built from the ground up was the SLS AMG, with no MB as a base car. It’s an iconic car, and really showed us what AMG can create when not handcuffed by AMG. I had two of these beauties, but sold them because I just had my first kid and needed space for the little man. Downgraded on both occasions to a C63 and CLS63 respectively but they never had the full AMG experience of the SLS! The SLS was followed by the AMG GT S, another from ground up AMG car, even better than it’s predecessor. Culmination in the AMG GT R and Pro it’s a force to be reckoned with: but us AMG Addicts wanted the same raw AMG experience but in a practical 5 or 4 seater car. Enter the beast that changed the game, it’s AMGs in house super saloon loosely based on the E63 Wagon. The power is insane at 635 BHP, 900nm of torque and a 0-60 in a staggering 3.2 seconds!! The exterior design is just like the two door, so similar to the AMG GT R, just with 4 doors. And inside, well I’ll show you shortly just how similar it is. In today’s video I really want to go over the spec I chose, and show you other spec options and editions on the GT 4 door. And then finally we will head back to Mercedes Brooklands for the AMG basic Training experience, heading out on the handling track and doing some launch controls!


Titre de l'épisodeFINALLY! Collecting My 2019 AMG GT63S 4 Door!!
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