EQG: The 2023 G-Wagon is going Electric?! TAKE MY MONEY!

Ajouté le 7 sept. 2021


Forget the Tesla Cyber truck: there’s a proper G’s truck coming in 2023, and it’s the new EQG previewed at #IAA Munich by #MercedesBenz worth a production ready concept! And I get to show you every detail of what could be the most desirable EV on the road!

Stronger than Time Mercedes always say, but to last through time, it has to keep up with the times.

According the Mercedes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, made Dr Z promise that the next G will eventually become electric, and now it has. So finally an all-electric model variant of Mercedes’ utilitarian off-road icon! Maintains the classic look of the G, rather than being some kind of “swoopy” buzz lightyear spaceship, like the EQS, EQE and EQC. And all for the better. This just looks like a normal Mercedes Benz, under the Mercedes EQ brand.

The design is great, with a two-tone paint finish – gloss black on top, gloss SLS AMG aluminium beam on the bottom! The front has a black panel display like the concept EQS, with square off roading shapes inside. Though I suspect the final grille will be more analog like the EQS 53. Side lights, typical G wagon. Even down to the indicator ones! Lower mouth, again reminiscent of a normal G just as you want.

Wheels are in aerodynamic shape, mimicking AMG monoblocks of old with some G touches. It has an amazing roof rack, with a HUGE G logo on it, along with a bunch of other G details: like standard G wagon doors which will make the familiar sound. Rear too, typical with the normal lights and a replacement for the spare wheel with a storage unit to hold chargers! Great idea. Inside, no Hyperscreen here, just a normal G wagon interior.


Titre de l'épisodeEQG: The 2023 G-Wagon is going Electric?! TAKE MY MONEY!
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