DRIVING the Future Mercedes with NO Steering Wheel!! Vision AVTR Review

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


No Steering wheel?! Exclusive Access to Drive Mercedes Vision AVTR, really awesome content for you RBR viewers and Mercedes Benz and #conceptcar Fans! We get tonnes of weird and wonderful #concept cars in the auto industry, but most of them are painted blocks of clay and rubber made pretty! Not the #MercedesBenz Vision #AVTR: it’s a fully working drivable EV concept car, with a WHOLE NEW way of driving the car, moving sideways and even DRIFTING! The AVTR’s exterior was designed by Alex Dang, part of Gorden Wageners design team, and was inspired by the world of Jame’s Cameron’s AVATAR movies! It takes the idea of Humans merging with Nature and technology, and applies it to a 2+2 Mercedes sports car. The wheels are balls, the rear has reptilian like scales, the whole car uses LED’s to convey what the car is doing, and the interior... a whole new idea on both multimedia, navigation and control. Today we explore: - The Coolest Concept Cars from Mercedes Benz - Vision AVTR Full Walkaround - Inspiration from Avatar - Interior of AVTR - AVATAR style Multimedia system - Driving the Mercedes Vision AVTR - Drifting in the AVTR Up next on on RBR is the GLA45 S, GLA 35, Porsche Macan Turbo, Cayenne GTS, Taycan Turbo S and MUCH MUCH More!!


Titre de l'épisodeDRIVING the Future Mercedes with NO Steering Wheel!! Vision AVTR Review
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