Collecting my GT Black Series at AMG! Exclusive Tour of New Delivery Halls!

Ajouté le 17 nov. 2021


Finally!! Collection the #MercedesAMG GT Black Series! But it gets better, I’m doing it at #AMG and get to show you their amazing new delivery halls!

There have been so many issues around the Black. Price, sound, marketing, delays… but miracles have happened in the nth hour to make this #supercar purchase happen for me.

It’s my 8th AMG GT, I started with a love affair in the AMG GT S, a car I still recommend to people especially the pre-facelift. 15k miles later, I got the Beast of the Green Hell: the GT R, probably the sweet spot of the whole range. In between there was plenty of filler with the GTC coupe and roadster, but the GT63S stood out as a proper family Supercar GT DNA. The GT R Pro was forgettable: barely faster, not louder and way more uncomfortable. But it did give us the awesome experience of seeing the cars built at factory in Sindelfingen!

Now, no 8: the AMG GT Black Series. My car is a bit special, finished in Magno graphite grey, it also has the classic carbon ceramic brake colour rather than the boring black. Insider comfort seats and a lack of roll cage, and the proper interior of Black and orange!

You’ll get to see the unveil in AMG’s new Delivery halls. A special place for German customers only, as an optional extra you can collect your vehicle in one of three booths always a special show that is a surprise! The rooms are named after each letter of AMG, from Aufrecht to Melcher to Großaspach! And there’s even a special area for project one and Black Series customers called the paddock club!

Enjoy the video guys!! It was an amazing experience for me on a personal level, so I really hope you enjoy it!


Titre de l'épisodeCollecting my GT Black Series at AMG! Exclusive Tour of New Delivery Halls!
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