Buying a Future Classic: the Best BMW M car!! + Buying Advice

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My new M car is here! And it’s going to be a future M Classic in my opinion. Made possible by Berry #BMW and especially Charles and Dean! They are my car finance brokers, and they got me an amazing quote on the CS that made it a no-brainer for me. I’ve asked them to take care of my viewers too, so visit the link below or call up and ask for Mike, who is dealing with all RBR viewers especially:

Charles & Dean -

As mentioned in the video, the M5 CS is a video coming very soon to RBR right after the next one, the M5 Competition LCI. The CS range, or clubsport, is a rare strategy these days with performance houses. Most are too scared to do limited number run-out performance cars for a tiny percentage of passionate customers, due to emission targets and anti-combustion sentiments in Europe. Why do you think you’ve seen no final C63, or an abundance of Audi Sport Special editions? But #BMWM, still serve the wishes of the few. They’re doubling down on the CS range, giving the M3 more configurations than it’s ever had, even a touring and a manual. I really got the M bug when I did the M town spot, which by the way a huge thank you to all of you for making a huge success! Link of that video below:

To compound matters, over Christmas I was continually influenced by RBR friend Chris Harris, and his praise publicly and privately re his lovely M2 competition. So as us petrol heads do, my brain started thinking up reasons why I need an M2 in my life... It’s a car I’ve always insisted is my favourite compact performance car, and now I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. But today’s video isn’t simply a collection, I’ll also be giving you an insight into how and who I finance my cars with, along with my methodology on buying smarter, so you don’t lose big money.

So we begin by heading over to the new site of BMW Berry in Croydon, for a quick click and collect delivery before I bring the car back here to go over why I bought it, how I financed it, the spec, the first mods, and finally the first little drive!

Today I show you:
- Tour of Berry Croydon
- M128ti and M135i Performance Parts
- Reveal of my #M2CS
- Why the 80k CS rather than the cheaper comp?
- My methodology of buying smartly
- My current fleet
- C63 Black Series, C63S, A45 AMG
- The M2 CS
- Future Classic
- M2 CS vs Competiton
- BMW Berry
- Bimmerdeals and TRL
- First Mods on the M2 CS
- Car Finance
- getting cheap quotes
- First drive


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