BMW M8 Competition Review! Why the Most Powerful M is better than the M5!

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Mr AMG vs The Mayor of #BMWM Town! Welcome back to RBR and first a huge thanks to Piloti for sponsoring us after years of me wearing their shoes on the channel for no reason but passion!! Check out the newly launched Legacy S Pagani and Shift shoes below, and I got you an additional 15% off your order if you use our code 'RBR15' !! - (use code RBR15!) The most powerful car from BMW M, the new #BMW M8 Competition. It’s a 625BHP V8 monster, with both X Drive four wheel drive and a 2wd drift mode. Arguably the best looking GT Sports Cars on the market, today you get the full review and comparison to the previous M6, and the inevitable comparison to it’s own internal rival, the epic M5 Competiton. So let’s have some fun in the New #M8 Comp! We have history this car and I. We had some fun drag races on and off camera against my GT63S, and so I already have respect of it’s prowess from the off. That’s only grown since driving it. So over a year ago, we explored the New 8 Series via the brilliant diesel version. And during that review I shared a bit of history on the 8 that I’d I think is relevant to today too, so we will go from the original 6, take a look at the E31 M8 that never happened, then check the modern M6 cars too. The new M8 takes a different approach to the old M6 cars. Once again, the 8 is aimed further up market. BMW call it a Sports Car, not a GT, and its dimensions are thus different. It’s shorter than the m6, lower in height, and wider. All indicators of this being a different type of model Most crucially, M-Xdrive, all wheel drive which is rear biased, with a fully switchable rear wheel drive mode, by itself makes the M6 a distant memory! This links to the Hot V set up V8 twin turbo, with 625 BHP and a staggering 3.2 0-60 from this sports GT! Internally, it’s a different game too. The car has carbon core, a mix of steel, aluminium, a carbon fibre reinforced plastic. It makes it lighter than your typical super GTs, and helps with dynamics and rigidity. M also used learning from the M8 GTE car, that then influenced the final car’s configuration.For example the engine cooling in particular has been bolstered for specific track usage scenarios like extreme lateral and longitudinal acceleration. Suspension is of course M specific, with M forged links, anti rolls bars, sheer panels, increased camber on the front. It’s thus better in dynamic situations, but also better suited for luxury driving as we’ll see later. Oddly, no rear wheel steer, M wanted a more natural feel they said. But will all these changes give it enough to topple the brilliant M5 Comp?


Titre de l'épisodeBMW M8 Competition Review! Why the Most Powerful M is better than the M5!
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