BMW M5 CS! First look at the Limited Edition Flagship by BMW M

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The Most Powerful M5 ever!!

Welcome back to RBR guys! Now most modern manufacturers, like AMG, will build an awesome iconic car like the E63S. Sit back, brew a cup of tea and eat some well earned bratwurst. Our work here is done. No need to make special editions or black limited run cars anymore. That’s not the way for #BMWM.

They’re going through a Renaissance of sorts, ignoring the controversial design choices of the new M3 and M4 (NEVER talk about the horrific BMW IX), making a good car like the M2 is just not enough, something like the M2 CS needs to come along. They’re stuck in the 90’s era of making limited run monsters despite the negativity towards such cars with the rise of EVs. Not unlike Porsche, they’re giving petrolheads what they want, it’s a wonderful show of stubbornness.

Take the New M5 that we will review next. 625BHP, beyond the E63S and RS6 already. Dynamically better perhaps, it doesn’t need to be better... Yet too much is just right, as they love saying in M Town. So this new #M5CS arrives as the new undisputed flagship of M, so let’s see what changes it brings to the fore! So the normal M5 has 600 BHP, rwd mode, excellent comfort and dynamics.

Great! Then the Comp, 625 BHP, lower more aggressive suspension set up, faster still. Even better. And now the new limited run CS. It is limited to one year of production. It’s more powerful, the most powerful M car in fact, at 635BHP and 750nm. 0-60 is even lower than the comp at 3.0, which i’m certain is conservative. And 0-200 is just 10.4 seconds. Though, it only seats four, with individual seats in the rear! The rest comes in the form of design and weight saving. You’ll note the new Gold Bronze colour appointment. This is used on the grille, the side badges, the boot lid and as an optional finish on the unique wheels.

There are three unique finishes available too, brands hatch grey in metallic or frozen, and a new frozen deep green. The coolest bit, is the motorsport inspired yellow lights on the L shaped headlamps. This activates in either low or high beam, or when unlocking the car, otherwise remaining white. Exhaust tips have a unique look too. The bonnet is all new, made of CFRP, and has air vents with exposed carbon fibre. Carbon front splitter and mirror caps come from the M8, and the rear spoiler and diffuser are also carbon. The intake silencer and engine cover are also carbon, and we have a lot of sound insulation and other elements removed so all of this contributes to a reduction of 70kg vs the standard car! The suspension is shared with the new Competition, meaning new dampers from the M8, but retuned and honed to account for the lighter car. It also comes standard on race space Pirelli p zero corsa tyres, and with carbon ceramics too. Inside, 4 individual bucket seats. Detailed in mugello red and the Nurburgring logo on the headrest. Today we check out all of the above and more: - The CS brand of #BMW M - M2 CS - The M5 family of cars - The New M5 CS - M5 CS Performance 0-60 etc - Technical changes - Weight saving and carbon - Exterior design - Unique Paint Finishes - Interior design - 4 track carbon bucket seats - M5 CS Exhaust sound Up next on on RBR is the new M5 Competition review, our first Bentley feature and MUCH MUCH More!!


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