Audi RS E Tron GT is the BEST RS Car Audi makes!

Ajouté le 1 nov. 2021


I want to start with a statement: the #Etron RS GT is in a lot of ways, probably the best car the Audi Sport currently makes. I wasn’t expecting it, but I’ve been left more impressed than something like the RS6 which I personally felt was highly overrated.

Built at Audi’s Böllinger Höfe facility in Neckarsulm, the same place the built the R8 #supercar, #Audi says that the Etron GT is the brand’s new flagship car. Of course the E Tron is based on the same platform as the Taycan, which is the J1 EV platform, with much of the internal structure shared, but Audi are positioning this as more of a GT.

Today we will focus on this top dog RS version, and I’ll tear the skin of and show you every little detail before we launch control and drive Iron Man’s last car in anger.

The E Tron sits on a 800V architecture and shared underpinnings with Taycan, to an actually fairly significant degree.

So just like the Porsche, we have an 85KW battery with 33 modules laid at the bottom of the car, affixed around foot garages to give room for our legs, but still allow for that sleek look synonymous with this platform. The RS features two electric motors, both permanently excited motors or PSMs. Our rear axle also has the two speed transmission, the first gear for your acceleration, and the second for efficiency or providing more power later.

Of course, it’s a Quattro, and in the RS’ more dynamic modes the power is more rear bias as you’d expect. Suspension is where things diverge: Audi taking the route of a more supple GT car even in the RS version. The adaptive suspension standard in our RS is a three camber air suspension, with variable height of three stages, and adapts alongside the dampers depending on driving mode and style. Finally, we have Rear wheel steering up to 2.8 degrees too.

The base GT Quattro model gets 469bhp and a 0-60 time of 4.1secs, but our RS Etron GT is a beast. BHP starts at 590, launch boost giving 637.. Torque: 830NM. And a 0-60 of 3.3 that we test at 3.1!! Range could be better at 280 miles.

As far as exterior and interior design, this is my favourite EV in terms of aesthetics. Audi with all their etron product have kept things familiar to combustion cars but with still a very aerodynamic value of 0.24cd. Much more on this in the video.


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