Aston's Vantage Roadster is a LOUD V8 brute! CAUTION: You'll want one!!

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Welcome back to RBR I’m your host Raz, and I don’t like Roadsters… Especially when I love the coupe version enough, and never felt myself wanting more emotion out of it. Soft top roadsters kill roofline design, add weight, reduce rigidity and bugger up steering. BUT… sometimes, a manufacturer can be clever enough to lessen some of these typical issues and an extra layer of emotion. So while it has a tough act to follow in the super fun coupe, let’s see if the new #AstonMartin can surprise us with the brand new #Vantage Roadster!

Some behind the scenes facts to begin with: this is a USA spec car, which means it has some ugly things on the exterior which you can see. But, one benefit for us, is it doesn’t have the EU OPF filter that reduces emissions but more fatally kills exhaust sounds, stick around later in the video to hear what it sounds like! Its ridiculous with that AMG engine…!

Now we reviewed the vantage coupe already, a car that #JamesBond never had, but he really did because the DB10 gave birth to it. It’s an epic thing, based on the new bonded aluminium platform shared with DB11, unlike this old vantage it allowed Aston to completely change the driving characteristics between the DB and Vantage cars.

And this was far more of a brute than the DB11, but a surprisingly better daily in my estimation too. The looks were marmite, but I liked the hunter face. Now in an almost mid life lift, theres a new option available to both coupe and roadster called the “Vane” grille. It’s more traditional, and reminds me more of the DB10. Looks damn good on a coupe too as you’ll see.

Design wise with the roadster, it has a new roofline thanks to the soft top, and a traditional boot rather than the coupe’s hatchback lid. The boot also has a dip in it, presumably for aerodynamics.

Now the engine has a proper roar from the Mercedes AMG Sourced V8! It produces 510PS and 685Nm, and just sh 0.1 from the coupe on 0-60 3.7 seconds. The engine has Aston’s own electronics and the 8 speed ZF box, it’s a great gearbox with lots of breadth of ability in comfort and sportier set ups.

The roof takes just 6.7 seconds opening and closing, makes it the fastest to complete the whole operation in the world. Less important that number, vs the ease of use daily. It’s simply super quick, so theres no thinking twice or finding an opportunity. The roof Adds 60kg, which is not bad considering something like GT R adds close to 100kg! Z Fold operation, keeps the roof folded high, keeping boot space at a respectable level of 200 litres, and they insist on telling you it’ll fit a golf bag, or dead henchman…

And finally, there’s a Manual version available too! But can it ever hope to match the epic coupe??


Titre de l'épisodeAston's Vantage Roadster is a LOUD V8 brute! CAUTION: You'll want one!!
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