AMG GT R Production Line! See My GT-R PRO Built Live!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


WORLD EXCLUSIVE!! AMG GT 2 Door Production line at Mercedes Benz’s legendary Sindelfingen Factory!! For the first time ever cameras are allowed behind closed doors at the Stuttgart based Daimler factory for Mercedes Benz. The #WirSindelfingen Factory is responsible for building the flagships of Mercedes Benz, such as the New S-Class sedan, cabriolet and Coupé, the new E-Class and the CLS. However it has also been used for Mercedes AMG’s top dog cars, the SLS AMG originally and now the entirety of the AMG GT family!! That includes the 4 Door GT on a separate line, maybe we will see this another day! ;)

You’ll also get to see my own AMG GT R Pro, the new limited edition track focused version, on the production line and having it’s “marriage”; what is the marriage you ask? It’s when the “Chassis” of the car joins with the “Drive Train” - a bond one hopes will never break, hence terming it the automotive marriage!

The #AMGGT Production line is unique for Mercedes cars, as it only makes use of one robot in the assembly of the car! The majority is done by teams of people, to maintain the highest standards for AMG’s top of the line car. The production line hence looks more still than usual, with no robots as you would see at S class production, but teams of skilled workers. Reminds me of the AMG engine production in Affalterbach! Here you will see the AMG GTS, GT C, GT R, New GT-R Roadster and the limited GT R Pro!

On a personal level, this is a huge honour not only as a content creator but also as a customer. To be able to see my own car, and trusted to film such a secret production area… a huge thank you to all of you guys for following and supporting the channel, and a MASSIVE thanks to Mercedes AMG and everyone at Mercedes Benz/Daimler AG for making this happen!!


Titre de l'épisodeAMG GT R Production Line! See My GT-R PRO Built Live!!
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