A Tale of Quadrifoglio: Alfa's Attack on the C63 and M3!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Welcome back to RBR, and today it’s all about the new kid on the sports saloon block, it’s Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Quadrifoglio!

Often mispronounced, the Giulia is a the first of a whole new era for Alfa, where they have vowed intense focus on new and class leading power to weight ratios, AWD and RWD systems and innovative engines for more driver focused cars. And this is the first of of the bunch, in flagship Quadrifoglio guise.

But what is Quadrifoglio? We see the badge on many a high end Alfa, but I was no exception to being ignorant about the legend that exists behind the badge. So in this review we will start by seeing the QV’s connection to Enzo Ferrari, and how the whole legend began.

Now the Quad badge is reserved for the most potent machinations to leave Alfa Romeo, of which none is more potent than their Giulia. You see until recently, whenever you thought of an Alfa Romeo, you’d think of front wheel drive cars since the Fiat take over, or perhaps the 4C. But ask an Alfa purist and they’ll tell you the last true driver’s saloon car from Alfa Romeo was the Alfa 75. A rear wheel drive saloon, hiding it’s true nature a sports car! And now the Giulia follows in it’s footsteps as the first RWD saloon from Alfa since that time. And what a special looking car it is.

This car is a direct competitor to the AMG C63S and BMW M3, and thus is one of the most fiercest fought areas of the Market. But the Giulia has the power and specs on paper to match. It’s a 2.9 V6 engine turbo engine, with 503 BHP, and 600NM of torque. It apparently shares much in common with a Ferrari V8 too!

But as good as it sounds on paper, this is the toughest market to fight in, with brilliant cars like the C63S and M3 that we have all driven and loved!


Titre de l'épisodeA Tale of Quadrifoglio: Alfa's Attack on the C63 and M3!
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