992 GT3 Touring PDK First Drive! TAKE MY MONEY!

Ajouté le 14 juil. 2021


A special surprise for us on day of Goodwood as we arrived at Porsche’s secret location outside of the FOS. After our last video of the GT3 on track, I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to drive the new 992 Touring PDK on the road! And spoiler: it might be the greatest car I’ve ever driven.

So say hello to the 992 GT3 Touring, spec’d by head of GT product Andreas Preuninger himself, in a lovely dolomite silver. The touring’s first impression is even wider than the wing car, you notice the stance more!

Now incase you don’t know, the Touring is identical to the winged version on both a technical and performance basis. Like the GT3 the touring produces 503BHP, 470NM and a claimed 0-60 of 3.4 seconds. Crucially, it’s now available in both Manual and PDK!! As with the winged car, the car now features a double wishbone suspension that we will explore. And the touring still provides the same downforce as the winged car, again technically identical.

There are some cool unique bits to point out too. Gone is the black plastic front end often pointed out in the winged car, replaced with a fully painted one. This now sets the touring apart and I think makes the whole front flow better. Our car also has the optional touring pack darkened lights, window trim and exhaust, and carbon exhaust.

Insidelongside the steering wheel, our arm rests, door panels, centre lid are all in leather, and GT3 logos replaced with Porsche Crest. But you can also get coloured leather and two tone arrangements too! My favourite bit was the leather with dragon scale like embossing.


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