2022 SL by Mercedes AMG! Everything you need to know about the reborn icon!

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Finally an SL that is worthy of the icon! The next generation of the legendary SL Roadster is going back to the drawing board, taking some of it’s roots in motorsport back in 1952, and some from its later years. Today I’ll show you what I think the car looks like under the Camo, official news on the chassis, a look through of the unveiled 2+2 interior and finally every engine variant you can expect!

The last #SL seemed to lose it’s way. Being out gunned by the dynamically superior #AMG GT and S Coupé, and how it’s modern design barely changed didn’t help at all. I oft complained myself, that it should have maintained itself as a 4 seater to differentiate vs the GT.

Mercedes understands it’s customers well. So well in fact, that they relinquished responsibility to create the new SL to #MercedesAMG who have made a completely new vehicle architecture developed by. The company that made the SLR, SLS AMG, and AMG GT from scratch. Now the SL returns to 2+2 seating configuration for the first time since 1989 (R 129). This gives the SL a unique place in the line up, vs the AMG GT which is being developed alongside the SL using this same platform in a new generation, as a 2 seat coupe. There will no longer be an AMG GT roadster, with the new SL here.

The SL name comes from Super Light, so it’s only right we start by talking about the new SL with it’s chassis. The old SL was a tubular space frame structure that allowed high rigidity but forced the use of gullwing doors. The new one has a much wider focus: on driving dynamics, comfort, low weight, 2+2 seats and the potential to accommodate a wide range of drive systems.

So it uses intelligent material composition of aluminium, steel, magnesium and glass and carbon fibre composites. The body shell by itself, weighs only 270KG! Crucially. Not a single component was taken over from the preceding SL model or, for example, from the AMG GT Roadster.

The result: even compared to the AMG GT roadster the transverse rigidity is 50 percent higher while the longitudinal rigidity is 40 percent higher!!

Every new SL will thus be exclusively an AMG variant. And I’ll go over which models I think we will see along with all the design highlights. As this is now the Mercedes AMG SL, there will only be AMG variants much like the GT 4 door. Rumour has it that the 43 and 53 will adopt the reworked A45 engine that’s finding it’s way into the new 4cylinder C63, a longitudinally mounted M139 in a likely to be rear wheel drive car. The next one is likely the AMG SL53 4matic+. Using the same set up as the 43, but with an additional P3 hybrid system on the rear axle, and a fully variable all wheel drive with drift mode. Though the system adds 200kg weight, gives consistent power of 93BHP continuous, or a peak of 201BHP for 10 seconds, and 320NM too! All of this in additional to the combustion engine means a base horsepower figure of over 540BHP for the 53!

Then, the AMG SL63 4matic+. Yes the SL will get the V8 bi turbo, with it’s base power of 612BHP, though with a hybrid boost to go up to 635. 0-60? I think it’ll be close to 3.0. Finally then the flagship. SL73, or maybe SL63E, as in our GT73 video, this uses the same 4.0 V8 but in conjunction with that P3 hybrid system on the rear rocketing the power beyond 800BHP. Expect also a sub 3 0-60, and a price tag to match!

Interestingly, it’ll be built at Bremen rather than Sindlefingen, where the S Class And GT have been built.


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