2022 AMG GT 4 Door Special Edition! Facelift 53, 43 and New 63S +73!

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Welcome back to RBR guys and to a first look at the facelift #MercedesAMG GT Four Door, oddly starting with the #AMGGT 53 on this occasion. There are some really nice little visual updates to the #AMG GT 4 door that I’m keen to point out, alongside changes to ride comfort, a wider range of equipment and a customised edition for even more individuality: It’s this GT 53 Special edition that we’re focusing on today.

I’m going to run through the exterior, technical changes and new options, then we’ll head to Germany where Tobi will show you the interior changes, and I’ve even got a very special guest from AMG who you might recognise: Felix from the famous “Inside AMG” episodes on AMG’s YouTube channel! And then finally I’ll run through what I think the V8 versions will bring to the table!

So this is a super weird move by AMG. The car we have here is the GT53, so the 450BHP inline 6 with hybrid assistance, but the face you see here actually belongs to the V8. The look of the standard 53 hasn’t changed in the facelift, it’s the same as it was before but the V8 has changed it’s look. The special edition here features a “V8 styling pack”, so they’ve actually shown you the update to the V8 version with this.

The GT53 4matic+ is still an inline 6 with 435BHP, paired to an electric compressor that sits between the engine and gearbox, giving 22BHP more and 250NM on top of the 520 from the combustion engine. Giving you a 0-60 of 4.5, with a fully variable AWD system allowing all the power to go rearwards. Same is true of the GT43 4matic+, which is down on power at 367BHP but with the same hybrid and AWD system. And finally the GT43 RWD version, same power but all to the rear.

Technical changes on this car are limited to suspension: AMG RIDE CONTROL+ suspension is the usual multi-chamber air suspension system: but this is now upgraded with 2 new pressure limiting valves, that change the rebound and compression independently in milliseconds. The result as always, better comfort and higher levels of dynamism at the other end.

The facelift has some nice design features other than the front end, like the awesome new wheels at 21 inch with significant aero design but done tastefully. Some SLS Final Edition vibes here. Another set of new wheels also available in this design, and you can actually ask for red callipers on the 53 cars now too. 3 new paint shades join the palette too, like Spectral blue which I’ll show you.

The Special Edition, has this new colour of Rubellite red, really reminiscent of the GT 4 door concept I think. Loads of chrome used much like a Maybach, and awesome how the side sills match the colour in this edition. The pipes on this car are the biggest you get on a 53, and they also have the AMG lettering you won’t find elsewhere.


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