2021 Porsche 911 GT3 992 - Everything you need to know!

Ajouté le 17 févr. 2021


The king is back! Welcome back to RBR for a first look at the new generation of what is arguably the world’s most exciting sports car!

This is the brand new #GT3 of the 992 generation, and is the first GT product from weissach for this generation. Incredibly, it’s still naturally aspirated with no turbos in sight, comes standard with a Manual transmission, and as you’ll see later in this video, still sounds incredible despite stringent EU regulations that have neutered rivals!

Of course during covid lockdowns there was no opportunity to fly to Germany to film the car, but when #Porsche press ask you to make something cool on GT3, you say yes! Particularly when you have RBR magic. Test drives aren’t far away in the uk, so take this as a taster to the main course coming soon.

So 992. Slightly bigger, always wider, stiffer aluminium based body, better tech, and to my eyes the best modern design we have had. Turbo S destroyed all expectations with a more GT like experience and now it’s time for the first GT product, this GT3 finished in the new Shark blue!

Unlike turbo, GT isn’t about power, it’s about pure driving pleasure. First: despite the larger body and increased technical and safety requirements: the new GT3 weighs the same as the last one at 1435kg PDK and 1418kg in manual.

The engine is still natural, revs to 9k and is the 4.0-litre a further developed unit as previously found in the last speedster, and essentially unchanged vs the GT3 cup car; 0-60 of the PDK is 3.4seconds, but the car comes standard with the 6 speed manual, with auto blip function.

Exhaust system is a stainless steel one, and sounds fairly incredible despite having two gasoline particulate filters. Wait till you hear it!!

Best change is the double wishbones rather than MacPherson struts in the front, taking its design from the 911 RSR Le Mans car. 5 arm rear axle also has additional ball joints for the lower wishbones, for greater precision. And finally rear wheel steering up to 2 degrees is still here!


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