2021 Mercedes AMG E63 S! First look with Mr.AMG!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


FINALLY THE E63 has been updated!! Welcome back to RBR guys! The first #E63S is still the most popular car we have ever reviewed, and they have finally updated its look. Seemingly the last to the #MercedesAMG Panamericana grille party! It also comes with a whole host of new options and colours that we will explore. So let’s check out everything that’s changed! While we were expecting some hybrid element in this like the E53 and GLE63S recently revealed, AMG have kept the E63 fully ICE much like the recently unveiled New M5. Music to the ears of petrol heads... for now! Some changes in the E63S’ weakest area however: suspension, all detailed in the review. And some really huge interior changes like the new AMG super sports steering wheel and controls along with the long lauded MBUX system. AMG performance exhaust is still there, and you’ll get to hear that as today we explore: - Pre facelift E63 S - Old E63 vs facelift E63 - New Design of Front end - Grille - New AMG GT style look - Light Design - Rear design - wagon and E63S sedan - New Exhaust pipes in titanium matte - New options for E63 - AMG Dynamics Package - Red callipers - Dynamic steering wheel - Steering wheel buttons - Race Mode - Drift mode! - New E63S Interior - MBUX and Super Sport steering wheel - E63S Performance Exhaust Start up and revs Up next on on RBR is a surprise!! Subscribe to support us and see it first. :) Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!!


Titre de l'épisode2021 Mercedes AMG E63 S! First look with Mr.AMG!
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