2021 GLE 63 S! Long Live AMGs V8! Full Review

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630BHP V8 Super SUV by AMG! ML has had an interesting history. Mainly because it began one of the biggest niches we have right now: the super SUV.

1997 saw the first ML introduced in that Dinosaur movie, the lost world, as a bit of advertising for the new w163 “M Class” as it was originally known, the new luxury successor to the G Wagon.

A huge sales success, shortly after Mercedes allowed #AMG to get their hands on it and in 1999 they made the ML55 AMG, about 20 years ago! This had new independent front and rear suspension, a revised ESP, and more crucially a 5.5 litre V8, it was a modified V8 from the S Class with performance camshafts and other tweaks linked to a 5-speed auto, and it produced 347BHP, 0-60 in 6.7 seconds 🤯

It was one of the first cars ever in the Performance SUV market. Well before things like the Range Rover Sport, a whole 10 years before the X5M and predating the Cayenne too: it was one of the pioneers of this huge market we have today. A true trendsetter, and the daddy of them all really.

The next version came in the w164, this time with our favourite #MercedesAMG engine ever: the M156 6.2 V8 from my C Black series, the SLS #supercar etc and so was born the ML63 AMG!! And what a beast it still looks, looking similar to the mad C63 w204 with its blocky front end and fog lights. We had adaptive dampening in the air suspension now, a better 7-speed box, and the engine gave us 510BHP and a damn fast sprint of 5.0 to 60! It sounded amazing, drove better than the last car… but by this time had stiff competition dynamically from Porsche.

Though, in terms of emotion and design, what a thing. Next came the W166, and the next rename to… GLE63. Now we have the loud one, the 5.5 litre V8 M157 bi-turbo. In its most thuggish form in the Mercedes SUV models, it was one of the first times you could order a performance exhaust. This brought a moderate power increase in gen 1, but gen 2 saw 585BHP, 768NM of torque and 4.2 0-60. So faster than the M4 of its time. And it wasn’t just the engine, it had adaptive anti-roll bars and ‘Active Curve’ from the S Class, and a 40-60 biased 4matic system.

The game has moved on very quickly after this car came out. Enter car’s like AMG’s own GLC63S, the fastest on the ring in class currently, Stelvio QV just behind it too, then the Urus. The first Super SUV. Signalling a tier above our old T Rex. The RSQ8, based on said car, until recently the fastest on the ring… till recently thrashed by the new Cayenne Turbo GT. Yes, Sports SUVs smash ring records now, and are seconds away from track cars of old. So our new GLE63S, has its work cut out. And it also has to differentiate itself from the very similar-looking GLE 53… Luckily, it comes from good stock.

First the engine, the familiar 4.0 V8 found in everything from C63 to GT R: here it’s used in its first-ever hybrid treatment paired to an EQ Boost stater alternator as we’ve seen in the 53 AMGs. So while our combustion engine alone gives us a whopping 612BHP… the EQ gives us 22 BHP on top. And while the base torque is 850nm, it can call upon 250 additional when needed! Oh, and a 0-60 of 3.8 seconds. But we tested it quicker in the wet. Yeah. But does it do enough in such a crowded hard-fought market? Today we explore: - History of the ML and GLE - W163 ML55 AMG - W164 ML63 AMG + exhaust - W166 GLE 63 S gen 1 + exhaust - W166 GLE 63S gen 2 - New AMG GLE 63 S - Engine and power - EQ Hybrid V8 system - Suspension and anti-roll stabilisation - 4Matic+, Brakes, gearbox, exhaust - GLE63S vs GLE53 - Interior Review - GLE 63 S Exhaust Sound - Launch Control - Full driving review - Conclusion Up next on RBR is the new Mercedes EQS, M5 CS and MUCH MUCH More!!


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