2021 E63S Driven! AMG Dominates the Rivals again!

Ajouté le 25 avr. 2021


The King of super saloons! But how does AMG make an E63S?! Let’s tear the car apart and then check the internals, before comparing it to rivals on sound, and a full drive!

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Unlike the C63 which loses its V8, the E will maintain the 4.0 V8 hand built at AMG. It’s

Turbos are twin scroll, meaning much more responsive compared to single scroll and it’s the only car in segment with Dynamic engine mounts - which helps massively with handling the main weight of the car. It also has cylinder deactivation in comfort mode, between 1000 to 3250 rpm shutting down to 4: which we AMG guys don’t really care about.

It also maintains the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G (with wet start-off clutch) A wet multi-plate start-off clutch replaces the torque converter, which you see in rival cars. It saves weight and optimises response, especially when accelerating or coming off the power. Finally linked to the AMG 4matic Plus fully variable all wheel drive system with drift mode, with Electronically regulated rear-axle locking differential.

All of that gives you, 612 BHP, 850NM and 0-60 in 3.4 - but we tested it MUCH quicker!

AMG dynamics is a new feature too, it influences the ESP system based on your requirements or driver skill. It goes from basic, advanced, pro all of which you can choose on the fly, and a final master level when everything is off.

AMG ride control suspension with multi-chamber air suspension has been modified in the facelift to be more comfortable, something the old car struggled with. And we have the AMG valve control Exhaust system: but how good will it sound?

Big competition with the M5 Comp, Panamera Turbo and RS6, how will the E63 fare with little changes? Today we explore.

- New W213 E63S Facelift

- Unique body panels of E63

- Exterior design

- New front end

- New E63 internals / cutaway

- 4.0 M177 Engine

- 9 Speed MCT gearbox vs torque converter

- Performance figures

- 4matic Plus system and drift mode

- AMG ride control Air suspension

- Exhaust of M5 Competition LCI

- New RS6 exhaust

- E63S wagon on the Nurburgring

- E63S Coupé render

- Interior review

- New E63S OPF Exhaust sound and AMG emotion start

- New E63S Launch control

- Full driving review

- Daily living

- Conclusion

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