2021 Bentley GT Speed! 0-60 in WHAT?! Fastest Continental Ever!

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0-60 in WHAT?! Behold the Speed. Simple naming conventions for derivatives, sometimes work the best, as this is #Bentley’s most dynamic and fast road car in their 101 year history!

As the car is not yet homologated for UK roads, bizarrely we are testing the car on track on the full Silverstone GP circuit.

The Speed was originally introduced with the first generation Continental GT Speed in 2007 – inspired by the Continental R models of the 1920s. It chopped weight off the standard car and added more power, to the tune of 35kg and 42bhp along with another 100nm of torque. This set the trend for further iterations of the Speed to come.

Gen two saw 616bhp and 800nm from its 6.0-litre W12, or 626 in the facelift. It had a lower ride height with an uprated chassis and suspension package, and hit a mad too speed of 206mph!!

But Gen 3 is where the big changes have happened under the skin, thanks to the new Platform underpinning the Conti, partly developed by Bentley this time. The standard car itself, quicker than any Speed before it!

This new Speed has Electronic All-Wheel Steering up to 4.1 degrees, and the front steering also adjusted to match this. This will help with low speed sharp turns and stability at high speeds.

There same rear package houses the Electronic rear diff or ELSD. With this we get more grip in Comfort and Bentley modes, and better turn in and straight line grip in sport.

Making Sport mode different had been a key goal: so the Active All-Wheel drive, the traction control and torque distribution has been recalibrated to give a character shift.

And finally an optional newly-engineered Carbon Ceramic brake system, 440mm 10 piston front 4 piston rear, they give a 33kg weight saving.

Overall, we have Performance of 650BHP, 900nm, and a claimed 3.5secs (spoiler, it’s faster). And a crazy top speed of 208MPH!

The design changes both inside and out are harder to find, in typical Speed fashion, but I will go through it all anyway. The question today is, how much can we gauge about Bentley’s most potent #Continental GT #Supercar, at a strange place for a Grand Tourer.


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