2021 Audi RS4 Avant: Better than the RS6 - Full Review

Ajouté le 22 avr. 2021


The last time the RS4 was on the channel, it was before RBR levelled up to the unique channel that you guys enjoy today, so I’ve never given it the presentation that it deserves here on my canvas for you! That changes today, as I’ll take you through the full history of the “true” #AudiSport wagon, leading to this facelift!

The RS4’s birth is linked to the birth fo Audi Sport itself, going back to the very first RS named car. And that was the Audi 80 RS2. It was a bold statement by Audi at the time, a sports wagon built with the help of Porsche - you’ll see the 911 wheels and brakes and much more - it was even built in Zuffenhausen and features Porsche parts throughout, along with heavy modifications to the suspension and more. The highlight was the engine, Porsche tuned Audi’s most powerful 2.2 litre 5 cylinder engine to produce 315BHP. 0-60 was a quick 5.4 seconds, and the 0-30 MPH was clocked faster than the McLaren F1!!

A whole 5 years later came the first RS4 B5, before any RS6 was created, this was the fast Audi wagon. It had a 2.7 twin turbo V6 from Cosworth, with 380 BHP and a 0-60 of 4.9 seconds. It was so popular, Audi doubled their original production estimates for this car.

In 2005, came the natural V8 version in the B7. This time available in Sedan and cabriolet versions too. The V8 made 420BHP, healthy even by today’s standards, though with a similar 0-60. It also had a clever asymmetrical torque control Quattro system, giving 40% power on front and 60% on the rear. It was also the only one in class to offer carbon ceramics at the time, and the last ever to be manual only!

2012 Saw a return to Wagon only in the B8, still a natural v8 but this time paired to a dual clutch gearbox, it has the same horsepower as our car today at 450 BHP, though the S-Tronic of course made the 0-60 faster. It was the last time we will see a V8, and to my eyes, the most muscular #Audi #RS4 ever it just looks like that dude in the gym forever stuck in bulking season!

Fast forward to our pre-facelift, B9 first version. Once again linking to Porsche like the RS2, by sharing the then new V6 twin turbo engine, and linking to the B5 with the V6 element too. It’s a hot V too, so a very responsive natural feeling engine. Whole car is 35kg lighter thus than it’s predecessor. Quattro system as with the B8 goes up to 85% to the rear, essentially giving some nice rear wheel feeling, and the Gearbox is a torque converter this time.

Our new car, essentially the same formula. Few changes, much like rivals AMG and M did with their facelifts. Main news, Its lighter with sound deadening removed along with other tweaks, giving over 100kg difference now vs the old V8. The gearbox is apparently, snappier, with new software. And we have a host of tech changed inside too. But is it enough vs the M3 and C63S, and where does it stand vs the RS6?


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