2021 AMG E53 Wagon Review! Loud, Practical, AMG Fun!

Ajouté le 19 juil. 2021


Looking for the perfect mid-level AMG daily car? Or a mid tier performance estate from the German brands? This new #MercedesAMG E53 in estate/ wagon /T Modell form might be the one for us all! This is an #AMG that has only gotten more emotional over time, whether that is from the new more aggressive design, vs the old lacklustre one, or the improved exhaust note. Something that just doesn’t happen much these days!

Of course the E53 returns with the same 3.0-litre 6-cylinder in-line engine with exhaust gas turbocharger and electric additional compressor, all based on a 48-volt on-board electrical system. Yawn. What that really equates to is a 456BHP combined output between the combustion engine and the hybrid element, and 770NM of torque! You’ll be pleased to know we tested the claimed 0-60 figure of 4.6 seconds, and found the car to be faster in reality. But the magic happens when this light hybrid package marries the AMG Performance Exhaust!

The E53 really shows how AMG are making the best performance wagons these days. With the E63S as the fastest on the Ring (no RS6 in sight), the E53 Estate enjoys a space with no rival from Audi or BMW, with the Audi S6 now a low powered diesel. The E53 in fact takes things further with a fully variable all wheel drive system able to send 100% power to the rear, drift mode available in Europe: something the RS6 can’t even do!

Topping off the package is the AMG RIDE CONTROL+ suspension with adaptive damping system, which makes the daily element quite pleasurable. The car I had also had self-driving driving assistance, which was amazing on a longer stint. MPG on the E53 was decent too, with a full tank delivering over 500 miles!

In Europe, you can get the AMG Dynamic Plus package, with Red callipers, Dynamica steering wheel, AMG Steering wheel buttons and that Race Mode with Drift mode. Sadly not yet available in the UK, though we will test it in the next video with the CLS 53.


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