The Alpina B3 is the ULTIMATE SLEEPER 3 Series and Faster Than New M3!

Ajouté le 9 nov. 2020

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Is the new Alpina B3 the ultimate sleeper?! The 3 Series model offers M3 beating performance while sliding totally under the radar with discrete looks and styling. Up front sits the S58 that will power it to over 300km/h as I get to find out with a test drive on the German Autobahn!

The new Alpina B3 takes the basis of the latest BMW 3 Series, and in particular the M340i model, but builds in a development of the new S58 engine that's found in the new M3 and M4, with a different turbo setup that's more targeted towards comfort and effortless power. As such, the 3.0l inline-6 TwinPower Turbo now makes 462hp and 700Nm, offering acceleration times to match the M3 and a higher top speed up to 303km/h (188mph) in the Limousine and 300km/h (186mph) in the Touring.

Visually it retains the normal 3 Series front end look and grilles, with subtle additions of a new lower lip up front and around the back a decklid spoiler and quad exhaust tailpipe, while also wearing new wheels and sitting at a lower ride height. On the inside there are numerous upgrades targeting comfort, and especially the Comfort Plus mode that is on offer in place of EcoPro that very much offers a magic carpet style ride.

Unknown to many, Alpina cars are actually assembled on the BMW assembly lines themselves, as opposed to being an aftermarket tuner product. They are ordered and specified from new via BMW dealers while then receiving their own Alpina chassis number from factory. This is exactly the case for the B3 at the BMW Munich plant, and the result is a car that would sit discretely on the road or parked while attending a business meeting, but offering fantastic performance along the way.


Titre de l'épisodeThe Alpina B3 is the ULTIMATE SLEEPER 3 Series and Faster Than New M3!
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