World eX Bizz Talk 02 with Henry Drury

Ajouté le 19 mars 2022

RCCO World eX Live Racing


This young man has a fascinating story to tell. Since he was a child, Henry Drury was dreaming to become a racing driver. Not having the necessary budget, he started figure skating instead. He was very good in it, but a terrible injury ended his career. He found new motivation in esports racing and founded Sim To Real giving young talents the chance to start their racing careers through esports racing. Henry Drury entered World e X as a wild card driver and is now a full-time driver for Patrick Long Esports. Learn more about the interesting Briton in our second Bizz Talk with World eX co-founder Thomas Voigt.


Titre de l'épisodeWorld eX Bizz Talk 02 with Henry Drury
Episode numéro1
Date added19 mars 2022
CatégorieRacing coverage
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