ROC Dusseldorf 2011 - ROC Weekend Best of

Ajouté le 15 janv. 2021

On The Line


The Race Of Champions returned to Germany for the second year in succession, continuing its stay at Düsseldorf Esprit Arena. ROC newcomer Sébastien Ogier made the perfect debut, romping through to take his first Champion of Champions title. The ROC Nations Cup provided Team Germany with their now-customary dose of glory as Schumacher and Vettel triumphed for the fifth year in succession - and the second in front of their adoring home fans.

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Titre de l'épisodeROC Dusseldorf 2011 - ROC Weekend Best of
Episode numéro13
Date added15 janvier 2021
Original date4 décembre 2011
CatégorieRacing coverage
ProductionRace Of Champions

Race Of Champions

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