THIS is the New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm! FIRST DRIVE

Ajouté le 22 mai 2021

First look


This is the new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm and everything you want to know about it! Join me for an in depth discovery inside and out, as well as my first drive in the limited edition, track version of Alfa's Giulia. The GTAm is something special, so let's find out all about it!

When Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia Quadrifoglio a few years ago, it immediately signaled fresh beginnings for the company with a very capable, enjoyable, sporty and exciting model to bring things back into action. In fact it was for that first drive that I last visited Balocco, Alfa's proving grounds in Northern Italy where this time around it's for the massively more bonkers, GTAm.

This is a car that doesn't appear to make any sense; particularly in stripped out GTAm form, but that's only until you get behind the wheel. It's a limited build of only 500 cars, split between GTA and GTAm depending on customer orders. The 2.9l twin turbo V6 now makes 540hp (up 30hp) and 600Nm of torque but it's more about the focus on aero, weight savings, and track performance, despite being based on a 4-door saloon/sedan model.

Visually it's wide and aggressive, available in 3 different colours: GTA Red, Trophy White and Montreal Green (the colours of the Italian flag), and equipped with lots of lovely carbon fibre. In full GTAm guise there's a gigantic adjustable spoiler on the boot lid and an extendable front lip to match. On the interior, the GTAm spec removes the rear seats in favour of a fixed cage and harnesses, with plexi side and rear windows to match. All models are supplied with a matching Goodwool car cover and Bell helmet, with the GTAm also including an Alpinestars racesuit included in the price.

The GTA does however carry quite the price tag, coming in at €177,000 for the regular model before a €5,000 markup for the GTAm. For that you do get a performance machine with carbon panels including the bonnet and arches, but it's a fair old increase over double the already very capable Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Let's take a full look around the new car, including an opportunity to slide it around a bit on the Balocco test track, as well as out on the roads, to really take in what the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is all about!


Titre de l'épisodeTHIS is the New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm! FIRST DRIVE
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