THIS is the New 208mph 2021 Bentley GT Speed! FIRST DRIVE

Ajouté le 6 mai 2021

First look


The brand new Bentley GT Speed turns out to be quite the surprise! Not only is it the luxurious Bentley grand tourer, but a veritable weapon on the tarmac of the Silverstone circuit. While not the location you'd expect for a first drive, it very quickly becomes apparant why Bentley brought the GT Speed here!

When you think of a Bentley Continental GT, you think of a luxury grand tourer, not exactly lightweight thanks to the high quality of materials, and a car you'd cruise in down the motorway for endless miles. With the GT Speed, you might think that will make it slightly more powerful and perhaps a touch more dynamic... wrong! The newest generation of Continental GT to wear the Speed designation turns out to be quite the capable machine around the tarmac of an F1 circuit.

Powered by the 6.0l twin turbo W12 making 650hp and 900Nm, it's capable of the 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint in 3.6s and on to a top speed of 208mph (335km/h) - impressive numbers however you look at it. However what they don't tell you, is that despite being 2,300kg it can still absolutely get a move on around track. For the GT Speed, Bentley have introduced numerous new elements of technology; from an electronic limited slip diff on the rear axle, to rear wheel steering and a new advanced ESC with numerous opportunities to have some fun... which is exactly what I did!

After a quick walkaround in the pit lane, let's get out on track to see what the new Bentley GT Speed is all about, having quickly gone from "Why are we at Silverstone?" to, "Oh, I get it now!".


Titre de l'épisodeTHIS is the New 208mph 2021 Bentley GT Speed! FIRST DRIVE
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Date added6 mai 2021
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