The New McLAREN SABRE is a $3.4m US-ONLY Hypercar! | FIRST LOOK

Ajouté le 24 déc. 2020

First look


Check out the brand new McLaren Sabre! Only 15 units are being made in total, all exclusively for the US market as a bespoke commission via MSO. With a price tag of $3.4m it's the most powerful non-hybrid McLaren ever and the fastest 2-seater they have ever made! Join me to go behind the scenes with all of the details. Back in 2017, at the same time as names and deposits being taken for codename P15, which would later become the McLaren Senna, the Vision GT design was shown for the Gran Turismo game franchise. The Senna itself launched shortly thereafter as a run of 500 cars that would also go on to spawn the Senna GTR, Senna LM and Senna Can-am, however a group of US customers approached MSO to create something bespoke, based on the Senna and inspired by the Vision GT. A leak came 15 months ago of the BC-03 as it was known known, although very little was understood of where this would fit in, until now, with the lifting of the embargo of the Sabre! For this car, the M840T 4.0l TT V8 is taken up to 835hp and 800Nm, an entirely new body is produced inspired by LMP racecars, and each customer has been able to work directly with MSO to produce their unique vehicle. While on official announcement has come, each of the customers has been granted permission to share their cars and a host of bits of information surrounding it which you can join me now to piece together and run through the story of the McLaren Sabre.


Titre de l'épisodeThe New McLAREN SABRE is a $3.4m US-ONLY Hypercar! | FIRST LOOK
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