New Mercedes MAYBACH GLS 600! The Ultra Luxury SUV that Bounces

Ajouté le 12 avr. 2021

First look


There's nothing the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 can't do! From the incredibly clever 'bouncing' suspension, to a world of comfort inside for chauffeur driven passengers. Let's take a full look in and out, and go for a drive in the world's most luxurious SUV!

For the first time, the Maybach brand comes to the Mercedes-Benz GLS, with the arrival of the new GLS 600, featuring a combination of ultimate luxury and a very potent twin turbo V8. Visually distinct immediately with Maybach specific details, from the grille and front apron, to the chrome details throughout and large 23" wheels, there's a lot to explore.

The interior does not disappoint in the slightest, with the very best quality of materials and design, particularly found here with the two seat configuration. You'll find everything from the champagne cooler to fragrance dispenser, ability to talk to the MBUX system and the new E Active Body Control. Of interest to try out for the first time, the suspension offers multiple assistance settings to help with off-roading including the ability to independently vary the height of each corner, while also shaking the car free from loose terrain with Recovery Mode - standing out to you and I from quite how bizarrely the car bounces up and down!

Join me for a full tour around the ins and outs of the new Maybach GLS 600, both up front and in the rear, and a look through the technology that it offers. Then of course it's out onto the roads to test out the Level 2 autonomous driving and other features of the driving experience.


Titre de l'épisodeNew Mercedes MAYBACH GLS 600! The Ultra Luxury SUV that Bounces
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