Check Out the NEW Aston Martin Valhalla! | FIRST LOOK

Ajouté le 15 juil. 2021

First look


This is the new Aston Martin Valhalla, and a first look to check it out! Join me to take a full tour around the hybrid V8 supercar, fully updated from the original concept a few years prior, and now entering production in 2023. Let's go through all of the details!

After launching as the AM-RB 003 concept, Valhalla sits in the line-up between the Valkyrie hypercar and future concept Vanquish sportscar, as part of a 3 tier mid-engine strategy. With Valkyrie on the bring of production commencing, Valhalla will start deliveries in Q4 2023 at a price of £600-700,000 with taxes. It's a series-production offering with no specific limited build number, and will be in production for two and a half years in total.

For the production spec Valhalla, it mixes a flat plane crank 4.0l TT V8 with two electric motors for a total hybrid output of 950hp; with 750 coming from the combustion engine and 204hp from the electric motors. The numbers are impressive, as is the target Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time of 6:30.

Although there's no interior to explore of this model, it will follow from the original concept with a seating position directly in the tub, with heels above hips to give a real racecar feeling. No doubt it will be a special car to drive!


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