Check Out the New 2020 MINI JCW GP3! | FIRST LOOK

Ajouté le 1 juil. 2020

First look


The new 2020 MINI John Cooper Works GP has launched! The long awaited MINI GP3 has the covers pulled back and we can take a first look at all of the details, including getting to hear the exhaust sound with some revs and a hot lap on the race track.

The MINI GP3 has been teased for a while, but it arrives now as the fastest MINI ever. With 306hp and 450nm from the 2.0 TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder, it can do the 0-62mph sprint in just 5.2s and on to a top speed of 164mph. There will only be 3,000 units produced, all assembled at Plant Oxford, and of those 575 will be sold to the UK market.

We can tour the exterior of the car and run through the interior during a special studio filming opportunity with MINI. Then take a listen to the rasp of the exhaust note before jumping onboard for some laps at Thermal in California, USA, to get a feel for what it's about with the new GP mode that's offered.


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