Check Out the New 2,000hp LOTUS EVIJA Hypercar! | FIRST LOOK

Ajouté le 1 juil. 2020

First look


Lotus are back in style with the launch of the Evija, both their first hypercar and their first electric car! 130 units will be built of their 2,000hp and 1,700nm vehicle that boasts a time of 0-300km/h in a mind boggling 8.6 seconds... Join me for a first look to take in all the details including the 'Carved by Air' design and the interior controls.

Previously known under the codename "Type 130" following on from their tradition the new car gets the Evija name tag - as always beginning with an E. Visually it is all new, an entry to a completely new market for Lotus with a next generation electric hypercar. Thanks to 4 electric motors and the batteries mounted behind the carbon fibre monocoque the performance numbers are very much at the extreme end.

Visually the car is exceptionally impressive, with design and engineering working together to create bodywork that is both aerodynamic and beautiful. Running inside of the rear wheels are two venturi tunnels that channel and accelerate air through the car, with an active rear wing sitting above. Surrounding the exists are the tail lights and an illuminated LOTUS badge sits beneath with the T acting as the brake light.

This represents a very exciting time for Lotus with a car that's going into production in the first half of 2020 and seen in almost production form. Additional features include magnesium wheels, hidden luggage compartments and pop out cameras for the mirrors.

Join me behind the scenes at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for a VIP preview of the car ahead of the reveal!


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