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Tour De Corse 1984

Ajouté le 29 janv. 2021

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Relive action-packed highlights from an historic year for one of the World Rally championship’s most exciting event.

The Tour de Corse 1984 review brings you the full story of round five of the 1984 world championship, as the island of Corsica hosted the French rally.

Amazingly, this event was the debut for two cars which would become sporting icons; the fire-spitting Group B Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 (T16) and the legendary Audi sport Quattro.

The Tour de Corse is an all-asphalt rally, and the stages include narrow mountain roads with huge drops just inches away – it is always a true challenge of skill and bravery, and the 1984 running was no exception.

Alongside the new cars from Peugeot and Audi, the field included the dominant Lancias and Renault 5 Turbos.

The all-star driving cast includes Markku alen, Mikki Biasion, Stig Blomqvist, Walter Rohrl, Ari Vatanen.

It proved an incredible debut for both Peugeot and Audi, and an unpredictable battle throughout – including the unlikely alliance between the French and Italians against the rising threat of the Germans.


Titre de l'épisodeTour De Corse 1984
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Original date5 mai 1984
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