What Really Happened at West Coast Customs | Up to Speed

Ajouté le 2 juil. 2021

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When “regular people” think of custom cars, they think of West Coast Customs, thanks mainly to MTV’s early 2000s hit show, “Pimp My Ride.” Each week, West Coast Customs transformed beaters into cartoonish reflections of their owners’ personalities, brimming with wacky mods. Nearly 20 years later, West Coast Customs is still on TV, they’ve expanded around the globe, and they have their own roller coaster! How has a shop famous for installing monitors on every flat surface available remained relevant for so long? How did they get there in the first place? And why do so many celebrities turn to them for custom work? Join James Pumphrey for the lowdown on the world’s most famous auto shop, West Coast Customs.


Titre de l'épisodeWhat Really Happened at West Coast Customs | Up to Speed
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Date added2 juillet 2021
Original date1 juillet 2021

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